Rewrite webpages in seconds.

Polish is a tool for UX Writers, Content Designers and Product Marketers. It turns your browser into a powerful writing tool. Edit text on any webpage, test, and iterate until you get it just right.

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Test your ideas in context.

Your creative process just became a lot easier. Ideate, test and capture copy changes quickly and see it within the site layout!

"Polish is honestly a genius tool for digital writing. It's perfect for getting the initial looks on changes to microcopy. Polish allows you to see the copy instantly. It even saves time on dev. It's really tailor-made for rapid testing rounds of copy. Polish makes the iterative process much, much quicker and it's a tool I'd highly recommend to anyone who works with digital copy."

Kevin Flinn, NN/g UXC

UX Writer

Work on the source-of-truth

No more outdated screenshots and spreadsheets. Polish makes any text on the web editable.

See changes in context

Stop hearing how your text is "too long" and doesn't fit the layout. Polish lets you see edits in the right typeface, size, weight, and color.

Designed with writers in mind

Other design tools don't feel just right. Polish puts your creative flow first, with features like spell-checks, style adjustments, undo, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

How much does Polish cost?

Polish is entirely free to use. Just download the extension to your Chrome browser and start editing web pages.

Does Polish collect my user data?

Polish does not collect or store any browsing or sensitive data about you.

Is Polish hard to use?

Polish is as easy as a mouse click! Download the extension, toggle on, and click on any text to edit!

Can I donate?

Sure you can. You can find a link to our donations page in the site header. Thank you!

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Built With Launchaco